3 Reasons Why Your Auto Business Needs a Call Center

Customer service is king in any industry, but in some cases, staffing becomes an issue for a business to provide a genuinely unique while all-out customer experience. An inbound call center solution can be a useful agent for companies seeking to expand their interactions through multiple methods of communications, assuring customer satisfaction. Inbound call centers may take Continue Reading

Can Welding Damage Your Eyes? Here’s Why You Should Never DIY a Welding Job

DIY projects have been growing in popularity for years, helping people save money and have fun decorating their homes. Some online sites are dedicated to many projects that are affordable and easy to do as gifts and for yourself. For the crafty individual, DIY plans can be a bonding experience with your children and friends. Continue Reading

What Is Catastrophic Health Insurance?

Catastrophic health insurance covers medical emergencies, such as sudden procedures, illnesses, injuries, and accidents, and preventive care. This coverage option comes with lower premiums each month, but higher deductibles, compared to other insurance plans. Catastrophic health insurance begins paying for health care expenses when insured persons pay the deductible. People with catastrophic health insurance have Continue Reading